Thursday, June 19, 2008

CALPHAD XXXVII - Fifth day June 19th 2008

The first days of CALPHAD were occupied (besides watching the technical sections, of course) with explorations of the environment at Saariselkä. Some of us went to the Urho Kekkonen nature Park, which starts just about 1Km from the hotel. The participants in this adventure are the three musketiers: André, Karin and José as the photo proves (Dartagnan here takes the picture).

The start of the trail is deceiving. What seemed to be a rather boring ladscape turned out to be a nice example of Scandinavian nature. We had even disturbed some locals, as these photos prove (including a rather daring activity by André).

After that we proved that God is Computational thermodynamicist, since the only days with sunshine in the whole time were the days (or, better said, night) of the Midnight sun party and the excursion day in Tankavaara. The first photo shows our special guest (i.e. the sun) shining at midnight in the Kaunispää mountain, the second photo show our fellow calphadians searching for the samples of their next assessment. Next comes the banquet and the departure from Saariselkä.

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