Tuesday, June 17, 2008

CALPHAD XXXVII - Third day June 17th 2008

So much for the daily basis, but at least now I have learned how to download my photos to the computer using the memory card directly. Most of us arrived at Helsinki on saturday, 14th. The first CALPHAD "meeting" then took place at Helsinki´s airport on sunday morning, waiting for the only flight to Ivalo. Some photos from the happening:

We arrived at Ivalo at lunch time and went to the hotel, transported by a sympathetic bus driver with excellent english skills (he received a compliment by John Cahn!). The rest of sunday was spent at looking for a place to lunch (the hotel restaurant, were I first tasted Renndeer meat) and visiting the "big" city of Saariselkä. We found what is important for a CALPHAD meeting, how the photos below proove:

Some of the highlights of the first day were:
- Tetsuo Mohri´s talk on CVM
- B. J. Lee´s talk on grain boundary energies
- John Agren´s talk on irreversible thermodynamics
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